Using Your Playset in Winter: Maintenance Tips & The Importance of Play

girls swinging on playset in winter

How Should I Maintain My Vinyl Playset in Winter? Vinyl playsets are manufactured using heavy-duty materials and are virtually maintenance free. They are built to hold up in just about any weather, including excessive heat and humidity, prolonged rain and dampness, and, in the winter, low temperatures and snowy or icy conditions. As you prepare for winter Read more


Environmentally Friendly Playgrounds

milk jugs recycled into enviroinmentally friendly playground materials

Being good environmental stewards is something that Swing Kingdom commits to wholeheartedly, which is why we consider it our responsibility to take care of the world around us. Wherever possible, we use high-quality, recycled materials as part of our manufacturing process to produce environmentally friendly playgrounds. Used Plastic Containers Becomes Playground Fun Using recycled plastic Read more