Tower Add-Ons

Swing Kingdom offers plenty of tower playset options that will excite adventure-seekers of any size. We have various dimensions to choose from as well as towers with single or multi-level platforms, depending on the type of adventure you desire. From stairs with handrails to climbing cargo nets, getting to the top of their playset is easier than ever.

2′ x 2′ Playset Tower

4′ x 4′ Playset Tower

4′ x 8′ Double Playset Tower

5′ x 5′ Playset Tower

5′ x 9′ Double Playset Tower

5′ x 9′ Double w/ Jungle Bar Tower

Mega Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber 3′ x 5′

Mountain Climber 5′ x 5′

Rocky Mountain Climber playset

Rocky Mountain Climber