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Fitness Play Center


Product Details:

Start your children’s quest to become the next top ninja when you buy the official Swing Kingdom kids fitness play equipment!

This equipment is designed to be fully customizable to whatever you want your child to focus their training on. Whether you want them to focus on endurance, strength, balance or flexibility.



Color: Blue & White
Tower: 4’w X 4’d x 7’h
Climber: 4’X 7’ Vertical Cargo Net, 4’X 10’ Vertical Cargo Net, 4’ X 7’ Vertical Rockwall w/ Rope
Beam: 10’ High NOC Climber
Fun Items: 7’ Fire Pole, V-Climber, Salmon Ladder, (4) Hand Bars, (4) 16’ Rockwall Rope, 10’ Warp Wall w/ 2’ Landing
Anchors: 2



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