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KC-8 Fitness Tower


Product Details:

Fun and Fitness is coming to your backyard! Experience a little fun with a spacious 5×5 tower, shaded Picnic Table, and 10’ Avalanche Slide. Test your fitness with our 8’ Warp Wall, Ninja Obstacle Course Climber with V-Climber, and Salmon Ladder.



Overall Dimensions 25’w x 10’d x 12’h
Weight: 1,350 lbs.
Color: Premium Wood Grain, Green Accents
Tower: 5’ x 5’ Tower
Deck Height: 5’
Access: Flat Step Access Ladder w/ Access Railing
Roof: 5’ x 5’ Vinyl Roof
Climber: 5’ Rockwall w/ Rope
Slide: 10’ Avalanche Slide
Swing Beam: NOC Climber w/V-Climber and Salmon Ladder
Anchors: 2
Fun Items: 5’ x 5’ Picnic Table, 8’ Warp Wall
Space Needed: 37’ Wide x 22’ Deep



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