Playset Accessories & Add-Ons

As your children grow, use our playset accessories to customize your playground to include age- and skill-appropriate swings, slides, climbers, and all the fun add-ons we have to offer. Encourage active play by including various types of playset accessories from ladders and ramps to tunnel slides. Our selection of playground accessories will provide the kids with endless hours of fun. Let your child’s imagination run wild with all the swing set options we have to offer.

Swing Set Accessories Series

Swings have grown to an offering that is no longer a one-size-fits-all option. Now babies, toddlers, children living with special needs, school-aged children, and more can all have a swing to glide them through the air. Explore our wide range of swing set accessories to add to your playset.

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Playground Slides Series

Sidewinding, twisting, turning—no matter how they want to travel to the bottom of their playset, we have the perfect playground slides to take them there! From enclosed tube slides to an open-air feel, our slides add a new level of excitement to your backyard. We have color palettes and deck height options to suite your specific needs.

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Ladders, Ramps, and Climbers Series

Kids want to climb. Why not provide them with an exciting way to reach new heights on their backyard playset? With plenty of options to choose from including climbing nets, rock walls, ramps, and ladders, You’re sure to find perfect playground climbers, no matter how old your children are.

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Swing Beams Series

If you’re looking to add a swing or two, or four, to your playset, you’ll need a swing beam to match the configuration requirements of your swing selections. Whether you are looking for a single beam or a two position beam with a ladder and monkey bars, we have plenty of swing beams to choose from, with varying height options as well.

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Roofs and Canopies Series

The sun’s harsh glare can be blinding at times. Give your children a place to take cover for a bit by adding a playset canopy or stylish roof. We have several shapes to choose from to give your playset just the right look. Our color options allow you to match your roof perfectly with our other accessories.

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Railing and Safety Features Series

Safety is so important, especially in settings where climbing is involved. Take extra precautions by adding playset safety handles to areas where your little ones might need some extra help maneuvering, or a handrail to assist them as they climb ladders. You’ll have peace of mind and they’ll have a safer place to play. It’s a win-win!

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Rubber Mulch and More Series

It’s time for some finishing touches! Once you have your playset and accessories picked out, you can focus on the things that go under the fun stuff. Landscaping options such as rubber mulch will give your children a softer surface, that absorbs shock, to land on. Our textured landscape timbers are perfect for creating a border around your backyard play space.

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Tower Add-Ons Series

Swing Kingdom offers plenty of tower playset options that will excite adventure-seekers of any size. We have various dimensions to choose from as well as towers with single or multi-level platforms, depending on the type of adventure you desire. From stairs with handrails to climbing cargo nets, getting to the top of their playset is easier than ever.

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Playhouse Accessories Series

Playhouses are the perfect place for your children to create memories and enjoy hours of imaginative play. As fun as they look, we’re serious about features. From shingles to vinyl siding options, these playhouse accessories are just as chic as they are enjoyable. We even offer slider windows with screens to provide the perfect amount of fresh air.

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Fun Accessories Series

We offer plenty of fun playset accessories to add on that will truly take your swing set to the next level. Your kids will appreciate the functionality of our accessories. With spotlights that actually light up and binoculars that bring distant objects into view, their imaginations can run wild. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

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