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Cottage Escape

Product Details:

The Cottage Escape is the perfect playset and playhouse combo with endless customizable opportunities. You will love the spacious and cozy cottage that has real shingles and decorative shutters on the windows. The cottage has a second floor loft that you can access via a ladder, and from there you can go through a tunnel that connects to a fantastic play structure. The play structure has two towers that are full of fun activities. You can choose from the 14-foot or 10-foot avalanche slides, or the 7-foot turbo twister for a more exciting ride. You can also have fun on the swing beam, which has four positions and different swing options. The cottage escape is a perfect place to have a blast and create unforgettable memories with your family and friends.

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Playset Size: 38’ W x 25’ D x 15’ H
Space Needed: 46’ W x 34’ D
Border Needed: 160’
Recommended Amount of Rubber Mulch: 5 Tons
Towers: 8’ x 8’ Playhouse Cottage w/ 4’ x 8’ Porch w/ 2 Windows, Loft Dormer, 5’ x 5’ MC, Mega 7’ Deck for MC
Deck Height: 5’, 7’
Access: 5’ MC Ladder w/ MC Rail, Rock Wall for MC Leg, Cargo Net for MC Leg, Access Ladder to Loft
Roofs: (2) 5’ x 5’ Pyramid
Slides: 10’ Avalanche, 14’ Avalanche, 7’ Turbo Twister
Swing Beam: 4 Position Climber
Swings: (2) Belt Swings, Baby Swing, Web Swing, Hammock Swing, 3-Rope Tire Swing
Fun Items: Megaphone, Spotlight
Connector: 6’-6” Tower Tunnel
Anchors: 2

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