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Super 59 Adventure

Product Details:

This towering playset beckons young adventurers with countless thrilling experiences. Perched atop its 5x9ft frame, a duo of climbing surfaces ascends towards the sky: the sheer vertical rock wall and the challenging cargo net. For less adventurous explorers, an accessible ladder with sturdy railings offers a gentle ascent. Below, two exhilarating avalanche slides await, plunging 14ft and 10ft respectively. This playset also  has a challenging climber beam, allowing children to transverse from one end to the other while accommodating diverse swing configurations.

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Playset Size: 31’ W x 17’ D x 14’ H
Space Needed: 40’ W x 26’ D
Border Needed: 132’
Recommended Amount of Rubber Mulch: 4 Tons
Tower: 5’ x 9’
Deck Heights: 5’, 7’
Access: 5’ Access Ladder w/ Railing, 4’ x 5’ Cargo Net, 5’ x 7’ Vertical Rock Wall
Roof: 5’ x 9’ Double Poly
Slides: 10’ Avalanche, 14’ Avalanche
Swing Beam: 4 Position Climber
Swings: (2) Belt Swings, Rubber Infant, 4-Rope Tire Swing
Fun Items: Binoculars, Ships Wheel, 5’ x 5’ Clubhouse Decking, 2 Hand Bars
Anchors: 2

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