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Mighty Expedition

Product Details:

The Mighty Expedition Playset is a towering testament to imaginative adventure, standing tall with an imposing presence that commands attention. Its meticulously crafted structure boasts an abundance of activities, providing endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. The highlight of this playset is the ADA transfer station, a beacon of inclusivity that allows children of all abilities to join in the fun. Smooth, winding slides and sturdy bridges invite young adventurers to embark on daring escapades, fostering physical development and coordination. With its robust construction and thoughtful design, the Mighty Expedition Playset is not merely a plaything but a catalyst for growth and joyful memories.

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Playset Size: 56’W x 43’ D x 16’H
Space Needed: 72’ W x 60’ D
Border Needed: 264’
Recommended Amount of Rubber Mulch: 29 Tons
Towers: (4) 5’ x 9’, 5’ x 5’, (2) Jungle Bar w/ (17) Metal “U” Bracket Upgrades, (11) 39” Commercial Height Railing
Deck Heights: 3’, 5’, 7’, 9’
Access: (2) ADA Platform First Step, (2) ADA Transfer Station, (2) 3’ x 5’ Rock Wall w/ Rope, 3’ x 7’ Rock Wall w/ Rope, (2) 5’ Tower Mounting Ladder
Roofs: (7) Pyramid
Slides: (2) 9’ Turbo Twister w/ Support Posts, (2) 14’ Avalanche,
(2) 10’ Avalanche, 7’ Tunnel Express
Swing Beam: (2) ADA Monkey Bar 6’
Fun Items: (2) ABC/Sign Language Panel, (4) Bubble Panel
Connectors: (2) 9’-9” Bridge w/ Railing, (2) Slope Tunnel w/ 1 Clear Section each
Safety Options: (12) Hand Bars, Playground Safety Signs, Safety Labels
Anchors: 14